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摘要: Key Account职位描述1. Be responsible for drawing up Contract and handling commercial correspondings.2. Be responsible for preparing the application form for opening customer’s filebefore entering int ...

Key Account

1. Be responsible for drawing up Contract and handling commercial correspondings.
2. Be responsible for preparing the application form for opening customer’s filebefore entering into company’s database and ECS form for export controlrequirements.   

1. Be responsible for drawing up Contract and handling commercial correspondings.
2. Be responsible for preparing theapplication form for opening customer’s file before entering into company’sdatabase and ECS form for export control requirements.  
3. Be responsible for the internalcommunication with relative departments in the respect of shipping, payment,and follwing up with after-sales customer complaint; be responsible fornotification to customers about shipment status and payment arrangement,feedback to customer’s inquiry about the settlements for any after-salesissues. 
4. Be responsible for liaisoning withoverseas Leybold sister companies about delivery inquiry, following up withtransit business order execution status ; also notify customer about opening ofL/C or T/T payment arrangements ; coordinate with customer about any questionsconcerning import documents, delayed shipment, etc.
5. Be responsible for feedback to dailybank AR report status as well as feedback to overdued recervable paymentstatus. to financial Dept.
6. Be undertake any temporary taskassigned by Dept Manager.


--Bachelor degree,   
--2 - 3 years of related working experience.
--Solid knowledge in trading
--Fluent in both written and verbal English, goodcommunication skills
--Proficient with Microsoft office  

applications & Proposals 

1. Delivertechnically correct & commercially valid proposals that best reflect thecustomer requirement in a timely manner. Using the principle of ‘just-enough’and quote everything else as options.
2. Generate technical support documentation where appropriatee.g. Process & Instrument Diagrams (P&ID) or Process Flow Diagrams(PFD), control philosophies, component data sheets and Quality plans forinclusion in quotations.
3. Interpretcustomer process conditions and enquiry specifications, including pump sizing,selection and proposed system design and convert this information into anEdwards Vacuum System proposal.
4. Interface with enabling departments (e.g. Legal, RiskManagement, Applications, Market Sector Management, Technical) to ensurevalidity of the technical and commercial offer taking into account all customerspecification.
5. SupportPC with details of the customer requirements.
(1) SupportPEs to get clear specs for all major components .
(2) Interfacewith suppliers qualified by TJ to get technical support and competitive priceand delivery to support the cost estimation.
(3) Identifyrisks for new orders at order handover meeting.
(4) Prepare/Updatecost estimate sheet using all available information and based on the stage ofthe project involve product company.
6.   Within the designated region participate intechnical clarification meetings with customers.
7.  Provide first line supportin the region for technical, application and product enquiries for systems  received from customers, distributors,customer care and the sales team prior to the sale of equipment.
8.   Develop and maintain high quality proposal andpresentation material for the Systems business. This should focus on promoting and marketing the benefits of combiningEdwards products, infrastructure, technologies and capabilities.


1. Manage work time optimally to ensure that all enquiries areanswered in a professional and timely manner and within market expectations.
2. Take ownership of pre-sale technical issues for systemsbusiness and seek resolution with the appropriate specialist.
3. Work collaboratively with Key Account Manager / SalesEngineer and external customers as well as relevant product company.Communicate proposal finish dates and lead times to either Sales Engineersand/or external customer to ensure a transparent work flow.
4. Work as part ofthe regional sales and global proposal teams, agreeing the activity goals(KPI/SLA) for the year.
5. Use the CustomerRelationship Management (CRM) system to action pipeline opportunities that havebeen recorded by Sales. Maintenance of the CRM pipeline remains theresponsibility of Sales.
6. ProcessingRequest For Quotation via the SAP RFQ system and CRM system and interfacingwith other RFQ collaborators such as Operations to ensure timely progress ofRFQs.
7. Use of CRM &RFQ systems will be undertaken with diligence to enable accurate; opportunity,market, and performance monitoring reports to be generated.
8. Communicatedetails of leads and opportunities to Key Account Managers as necessary.
9. Communicate anymarket and competitive information as appropriate.
10. Take an activepart in all safety programs and other business initiatives.
11. A diploma/degreequalification in Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, or relateddiscipline.
12. Knowledge of vacuumpumping systems, chemical processes or rotating machinery and theirapplications gained through at least 2 years experience of a similar role.
13. The ability toprovide technically and commercially valid quotations.
14. Well organizedand able to plan effectively and set priorities. Analytical techniques andcomputer literacy.
15. Strong writtenand verbal communication skills in English (Mandarin would be an advantage butnot essential).
16. SAP and AutoCADknowledge are a plus but not essential.
17. Goodadministrative and personal disciplines to handle multi-task, time- constrainedactivities, driven by customer requirements.
18. Ability to workas a team. Good interpersonal and communication skills for communicating interfacing with customers and colleagues in supporting functions.
19. Self-starter and motivator with a committed approachto meeting the goals of the division.


1. The ProductCompany SQE will have oversight of the work on project implementation onNon-standard pump system business:
2. Support the generationof local processes that supplement global processes, undertake internal andsupplier audits, provide QE resources for inspection of work in the factory andof purchased items.
3. Monitor the in-houseprocess quality as well as quality of supplier.
4. GenerateQuality plan for Non-standard pump-system projects.
5. Participate inSafety Reviews for Non-standard pump-system projects.
6. Act as site Failure Reporting,Analysis, and Corrective Action System coordinator for non-conformancemanagement.
7. Act as Process Owner –Responsible for the performance of Process at site level.
8. Site QualityLeadership to provide plan, actions & progress on goals (both process &performance goals) for regular review and performance improvement
9. Take ownershipof managing the effective and timely resolution of all the identified and reportednon conformances
10. Ensure goodcommunication of process requirements at site level.
11. Ensuresufficient data has been collected to correctly define and agree the impact orrank of issue with originator.
12. Support theglobal process audits & promote prevention culture.
13. Promote teamwork and cross functionality during 8D problem solving.
14. Promoteprevention culture - Identify opportunities for prevention and continuousimprovements.
15. Conduct process control and audit atsupplier site.
16. Knowledge on components for systemsmanufacturing such as pressure vessels, mechanical seals, explosion-proofmotors, steel welding, paints and stainless steel casting will be preferred.Knowledge on their various international standard will be helpful.


1.   Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, 5years working experience in multifunctional company for quality or engineeringrelated field.
2.   Knowledge of ISO9001 quality system requirement
3.   Experience of quality tools
4.   Excel skills for statistics
5.   Skill of problem solving

Project Engineer  

Is responsible for managing the day-to-day operational aspects of projects (Industrial Vacuum Pumping Systems andSolutions) to ensure that they are delivered according to agree dspecifications, plans, timescales and budgets and that company procedures arefollowed in the execution of this projects.
The Project Engineer will be the focalpoint of contact for the Customer throughout the life of a project.
The Project Engineer must monitor theproject and be prepared to report on the risks and opportunities associatedwith Delivery, Cost, and Management of Change by:

Establish the milestone delivery schedule against which: engineering work,      procurement, production, testing, and delivery can be monitored and      reported, including actions taken to recovery any slippage.

Cost Control
Establishing the baseline cost for the project (the Plan) generated from the cost      estimate developed during the bidding phase and the QAR authorised prior      to the order being won.
Identifying labour and material cost in such a format as to allow actual costs and      progress to be recorded during the life of the project and used to      monitor deviation from the plan.
Undertaking investigations where costs are shown to be moving in an adverse manner (reducing the UGP), identifying the cause of the variation, record the      findings and where possible take action to mitigate any further UGP erosion (e.g. reduce the number of available engineering hours to be      utilised on the contract).

Management of Change
 Activity monitor the projects for risks and opportunities deliveredby changes to the requirements of the project, ensuring that the Company’scommercial position is not detrimentally impacted by such changes withoutagreement of the Customer Centre or Division.
Is responsible for of all documentationrequired to be supplied to Customers as part of a contract, the production ofthe instruction manuals and certification dossiers in accordance with the corporate standard or from time to time in accordance with Customer’s standardsif this form part of a contract with a Customer.
Besides project management role, candidatehas to support and comply to Safety, Health and Environmental regulations andoperation procedures of the company.


--Have bachelor degree on mechanical orengineering.
--Have fluent English communicationcapability.
--Worked in a mechanical installation / industrialsystems assembly environment with at least 3 years
--Be able to lead a small project team forstandard system orders
--Make decisions on issues happened toorders, give right direction to other department for project moving forwardly.
--Provide timely status report for eachorder.
--Solid project management experience.
--Understand full project phases throughpurchasing, design, executing and close out.
--Understand time, cost & qualityconstrains.
--Be able to deal with internal andexternal suppliers.
--Have strong communication skill withsuppliers & customers, and internal team members.
--Understand customer satisfaction is thekey successful factor.
--Be good at using general officesoftware, Word/Excel/PPT etc.
--Be good at using MS project, SAP.
--Having design experience in anengineering discipline is a plus.
--Be pro-active, self-motivated, and self-confident.

Technical Buyer

1. Isresponsible for: purchase of all new parts identified for contracts, theidentification of potential new suppliers, their development and approval,maintaining supplier relationships, auditing as necessary subject to the levelof approval of the supplier and the maintenance of purchase records in SAP.
2. A keyaspect of the role is to ensure the prices and delivery lead-times agreed withsuppliers for goods and services are as favourable as possible and that risksto Vacuum Technique resulting the supplier being late with delivery or qualityissues etc. are mitigated at the supplier’s expense.
3. Takeownership of supplier quality and managing the effective and timely resolutionof all the identified and reported non conformances.
4. Ensuregood communication of process requirements at site level.
5. Ensuresufficient data has been collected to correctly define and agree the impact orrank of issue with originator.
6. Supportthe global process audits & promote prevention culture.
7. Promoteteam work and cross functionality during 8D problem solving.
8. Promoteprevention culture - Identify opportunities for prevention and continuousimprovements.
9. Conduct process control andaudit at supplier site.
10. Knowledgeon components for mechanical systems manufacturing such as pressure vessels,mechanical seals, explosion-proof motors, steel welding, paints and stainlesssteel casting will be preferred. Knowledge on their various internationalstandard will be helpful.


1. University Degree in Engineering or Business andAdministration or equivalent knowledge through working experience
2. At least 5 years of experience inPurchasing/Sourcing in industrial manufacturing company
3. Technical knowledge of commodities to include butnot limited to, Casting, Mechanical, Motors,Fabrication, Pipework and Vacuum components
4. Result driven person, with interpersonal skills
5. Good computer skill, SAP knowledge is a plus, butnot necessary
6. Good command of English language both oral &writing.


1)    As a key role of project team to support all planning and supply chainissues on material and production of non-standard products.
2)    Responsible for purchase of components and consumables, expeditingsupplier deliveries to match the delivery cycle of production orders andundertake daily operations planning activities in SAP.
3)    Ensure good communication of process requirements at site level.
4)    Ensure sufficient data has been collected to correctly define and agreethe impact or rank of issue with originator.
5)    Support the global process audits & promote prevention culture.
6)    Promote prevention culture - Identify opportunities for prevention andcontinuous improvements


--Bachelor’sdegree or equivalent professional experience on planner position.
--Over 3 years' relevant experience in manufacturing company.
--Goodat coordination and high responsibility.
--Goodcomputer skill and SAP skill.
--Communication in English at internationalmeeting is required.

Cost Accountant

1.   Timely standard costcalculation of the material/products upon SAP workflow as one of the dailytasks. Weekly refreshing of the pending items to ensure a timely close of the materialworkflow.
2.   Weekly RFQ listfollowing up together with project engineers for the System products.
3.   Monthly WIP reviewand pushing for the long ageing open orders close.
4.   Monthly CO closingincluding the production order cost check and the variance analysis, scrap andrework cost analysis, labor efficiency and machine utilization analysis,absorption analysis etc.
5.   Monthly product costsaving measurement and update with all relevant functions.
6.   Quarterly Costing Runfor Standard Cost update and the relevant analysis.
7.   Yearly Material Overheadrate true-up and update in SAP.
8.   Annual Product cost budgetinclude hours and hourly rate maintain in SAP.
9.   Support BusinessController for the cost relevant procedure improvement.
10. Support for internalaudit and external audit by providing related cost data.


1.   Bachelor degree orabove and majoring in Accounting;
2.   At least 3 years’experience in manufacturing costing;
3.   Familiar with workingwith SAP;
4.   Good skills ofMicrosoft EXCEL and PPT;
5.   Can work in Englishworking environment. Written and oral English is must;
6.   Hardworking, quicklearning with good time management capability.
7.   Good team spirit andhigh accountability.